Each play is about an hour in length, a brief intermission, and has some audience participation.
     "The Emperor's New Clothes"
              The Emperor loves his clothes! His outspoken obsession is overheard by two con men
              on the lam. They convince the monarch to use the kingdom's fortune to buy their
              remarkable cloth...a cloth SO magical that only intelligent people can see it! Only Lady
              Dierdre (the lady-in-waiting) notices something fishy is going on.

      "The Adventures of Hansel and Gretel"

               Through a misunderstanding, Hansel and Gretel think their poor parents (Prince Charming
               and Sleeping Beauty) are plotting to get rid of them. The kids escape and get lost in the forest
               and, with no help from the Big Bad Wolf, find themselves in the clutches of Grizzelda, the Wicked
               Witch of the forest! Gretel, thinking quickly, rescues her captured brother and pushes the witch
               into the oven...but is she finally destroyed?

       ''Fearnot! The boy who left home to find out about the shivers"
                Fearnot Ofnuthin was born with no fear whatsoever and decides that it's time to leave home and
                find out what being scared is all about! On the way he meets Angus McGregor, a conniving con man
                with a heart of gold.  He agrees to help Fearnot and soon they learn of Castle Evil, a scary
                castle that no man has spent a night there...and lived! Could this be the answer to Fearnot's

        "Mr. Toad's Wild Adventure"

                J. Thaddeus Toad of majestic Toad Hall has fallen in love with a new fangled thing
                called an 'automobile' and going fast, fast, fast! His friends Ratty, Mole, and McBadger
                try to help him with his speed addiction, but to no avail. Soon he is framed by wicked
                bar owner Winky and his gang of wise-cracking weasels and thrown in jail for grand theft auto!
                Will Toad get out of jail? Will he lose beautiful Toad Hall toWinky? And why is his best
                friend Cyrill dressed like a old lady?

         "The Golden Goose"

                 Siblings Doofus, Deplorable, and Dementia are in the forest one day and are put to the "friendly"
                 test by the Elfin Wizard King. When simple-minded Doofus shows the most kindness, the King grants
                 Doofus a great gift...a golden goose! But Doofus gets lost with the goose and winds up in a castle
                 where the Queen has offered a great award to anyone who can make her laugh.

          "Androcles and the Lion"

                  Runaway Roman slave Androcles has a problem: he's pulled a thorn from a ferocious
                  lion's paw, abducted by his slave master, and THEN sold to the great Circus in Rome...
                  where he can't figure out why there are no clowns anywhere. "It ain't that kind of circus,
                  kid" is what he keeps hearing. Soon both Androcles and the Lion are forced to fight
                  each other (ala "WWE") in the arena with the great Emperor Caesar watching!

           "Little Red Riding Hood meets Goldilocks"

                   In this original play, the sweet, but porridge-obsessed Goldi Locks accidentally runs into
                   Red Riding Hood and the trouble begins. They're caught by the Big Bad Wolf, escape,
                   and get hopelessly lost in the forest. Meanwhile back home, both Ms. Hood and Ms. Locks team up
                   rescue their daughters after the not-so-brave Prince Charming turns up and turns chicken!          

             "The Shoemaker and the Elves"

                   Poor Manolo Blahnik and his wife Mary Jane are at their wit's end! All shoemaker
                   Manolo does is procrastinate about getting shoes finished for a trio of demanding
                   customers: a ego-maniacal ballerina, a sue-happy lawyer, and the Duke to the
                   But it so just so happens that three very unusual elves show up the next night and
                   do the work for Manolo while he's asleep. those elves look familiar? Hmmmm?

             "The Wizard of OZ"
                          Yes, it's the timeless telling of L. Frank Baum's immortal tale of Dorothy, the Scarecrow,
                     the Tin Man, The Cowardly Lion, and the Wizard of Oz...except in THIS tale, it gets the ol'
                     Gypsies twist: a confused Dorothy, the Tin Man and the
Scarecrow are at odds over "Three's
                     Company" cast members, and the Wicked Witch has issues with Glinda and...what's up with Toto?
                     A very goofy retelling of the classic tale as only re-told by the Gypsies in a Trunk players!

          "Harry Pottar Meets The Wizard of OZ"
                     In this rare mash-up, the 'boy who lived' and his best friends, Hermione Gringer and Ron Weasely
                     are blown from Potions class to the Land of OZ where they meet Dorothy Gale & Toto from Kansas
                     and her new friend, the Scarecrow. When Harry and friends her about a 'wizard' in the Emerald City,
                     they all decide to go, but the Wicked Witch has other plans. BUT, she's obviously never tangled with
                     kids from Hogwarts before! A hilarious send-up of both classics featuring many surprises!

"The Fisherman and the Little Mermaid" 

   Bob, a henpecked and generally unhappy fisherman, goes to the sea and catches...Ariel,
                     the little mermaid! And when she grants him three wishes for his kindness, Bob wishes
                     for incredible fame and for unbridled fortune...but the results are NOT what he expected!
                     Will Bob find out that fame and fortune aren't what they're cracked up to be? Will his hopelessly
                     dysfunctional family finally find happiness at the end? Will Ariel get over Sebastian's awful
                     limerick's? Watch and find out!

  "Goldilocks and the Three Bears"

                     Goldilocks has an appointment with her Gramma to bring her some cookies but her friend,
                     Little Red Riding Hood, has other ideas! Meanwhile, the Three Bears are celebrating Papa
                     Bears birthday...with disastrous results (thanks to Junior Bear). The girls arrive after the
                     Bears leave for a walk and chaos ensues when the Bears return home and find the unwanted
                     guests! Yes, it's all here! Madness! Misunderstanding! Comedy! And porridge!

"CSI: Mother Goose"

                     Gordon Goose (son of Mother) has discovered that his mother has disappeared! He
                     calls for the elite forensics crime lab experts Jack Spratt and his partners, Jack and Jill Hill.
                     Through clues left throughout the crime scene, the team question Nursery Rhyme Land's
                     oddest characters like Little Bo Peep, the 3 Blind Mice, Peter Piper, and more! Can you figure
                     out what happened to Mother Goose??  

                "CSI: WONDERLAND"
               It's not your typical day in Wonderland (but what is?). The Mad Hatter had just discovered that
                    Alice Crumpett has disappeared! Calling out the crack CSI team, the investigation is on its way
                    with TweedleDee and TweedleDum as apprentices to team leader, Bob Jabberwocky. Where is she?
                    Was the March Hare to blame? The Caterpillar? How about The Red Queen and her sudden hatred
                    of mushrooms? Everyone's a suspect and the clues are mounting up!     

               "The Little Mermaid"

                      Ariel the mermaid has just fallen in love...isn't that nice? BUT! It's with a PRINCE who also
                      happens to be HUMAN! Ariel's father, King Triton, is none-to-keen on the idea and
                      gets Crabby the lobster and Flounder the fish to keep an eye on her. Talk about pressure! Meanwhile
                      (and right on cue) Ursula the Sea Witch shows up and offers Ariel a deal that she cannot refuse: be changed
                      into a human
(with no voice) and woo Prince Erik into loving her...or fail and be Ursula's slave

            "The Little Mermaid 2: Ursula's Revenge"
It's been years since Ursula, the sea witch, was defeated by King Triton and Ariel and Prince Erik have settled down in their new
                      castle by the sea. BUT! Ariel's best friend. Flounder, has been been tricked by Ursula into stealing the King's trident and now the sea
                      witch has all her evil magic powers back! Uh-oh!! Now Ursula wants her revenge and it's a race against time to get that trident back
                      before she can any more harm! They're all back (yes, even Crabby) for another go-round in this exciting sequel!


Millicent has a boisterous, bragging father that tells the Royal Prime Minister that she can
                      spin straw into gold! Oops! The Prime Minister then throws her into the dungeon to spin the straw
                      into gold, but she can't! Awkward! Elfin imp Rumpelstiltskin appears and strikes a deal with the lady:
                     "Give me your first born and I'll spin the straw into gold!" Yikes! She agrees, but a year later has
                      some terrible regrets when the crazy little dude comes a callin' for his baby!     

              "Peter Pan 2: Hook's Revenge"

                   It's been ten years and Captain James Hook is looking for revenge! He has found Peter Pan...but there's
                      just one little problem...Peter Pan doesn't
know he's Peter Pan anymore! Worse yet: all of Hook's pirates have
retired to Florida leaving the captain with their pirate daughters! Hook decides to kidnap Wendy and jog Peter's
                      memory. Will Peter remember who he really is? Will Wendy be rescued? And why is Tinkerbell acting so strange? 

            "Peter Pan 3: The Switcheree"

                      In a sequel to "Peter Pan 2", it's looks like things have gotten sillier on Never Never Land for Captain Hook. THIS
                    time, not only has he still got his infamous band of cut-throat girl pirates, but he's also got....a daughter! Daisy Hook!
                    And all she wants from her daddy is a pink hook! But trouble looms when Smeegle reveals that Peter Pan wrote a
                    tell-all book about Hook and he's coming to Never Land to sign copies. Hook kidnaps Tinkerbelle to force her to
                    cast a spell that will turn Pan into a snail to be crushed, but something goes terribly wrong! It's mayhem and hijinks
                    galore as each of the crew gets mind-switched with each other! Odds-bodkins!

                    "Peter Pan 4: Hook's War"

                    In part four of the Peter Pan/Captain Hook saga, we find Wendy & Peter at odds with other. It seems that Peter longs
                    for his "war" with Captain Hook while Wendy just wants a spider killed! Bingo! Peter sneaks away to do battle with
                    his arch-nemesis, but finds (to his horror) that Hook has been "domesticated", due to his life with an all little girl
                    pirate crew....and a daughter! Desperate, Pan tries to coerce Hook back to being his old self, while Wendy (in disguise)
                    infiltrates the pirate crew to get Peter back...with disastrous and hilarious results!  

"The Princess and The Frog"

                 Vain and spoiled Prince Eric Charming has fallen afoul of the evil Swamp Witch and her dimwitted
                     brother, Bob. The prince is turned into a frog and must find his true in order to be turned back into a prince!
                     But the Swamp Witch has plans of her own by hijacking a nearby castle, putting a spell on the King and Princess,
                     and ruling in their place! A year later who shows up but the frog prince still looking for his true love. The princess
                     meets him...and they can't stand each other! Will true love prevail?       

               "Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale of Split Ends"  

                    It's all about the vegetables! When Father Frank takes the witch's prized vegetables to feed his pregnant wife, the     
                    witch zaps the couple and steals their daughter Rapunzel and then shuts her up in the highest tower in the land!
                    18 years later Rapunzel is getting bored and suspicious about her "mother" and wants to see the world! Enter Prince
                    Bob Charming and his faithful steed, Fred! Together they free the trapped girl and are instantly on the run
when the
                    witch returns to find her stolen daughter gone!

              "Chicken Little" 
                    Just in time for the faux 2012 doomsday scare, it's the ultimate in worry-warts...Chicken Little! Just outside
                    Uncle Bob's Poultry Farm lurks the crazy-hungry Foxy Loxy with one thing on his mind...LUNCH! When he sees
                    young and gullible Chicken Little, he put his plans into motion and gets Little to believe that the sky is falling!
                    Wearing a rooster disguise, Foxy Loxy infiltrates the farm and prepares to trick all the animals in leaving the safety of
                    the farm and into his shelter...all with Chicken Little leading the pack! A cautionary tale with wacky results!

               "Cinderella 2: Bibbity Bobbity Oops!
                    It's been a a treasued life for Prince Charming and Cinderella after the wedding, and apprentice wizard to the Fairy
                    Godmother, Bibbity Bobbity Boo (or "Bob", for short), is on assigment to make sure everything is still okay. But! His
                    magic wand is stolen by Lady Tremaine, Cinderella's nasty step-mother, and she uses it to make Prince Phillip think ugly
                    step-sister Anastasia is Cinderella and vise-versa! Cinderella's world is thrown topsy-turvy as she's back home in poverty while
                    Bob tries to get his wand back. While the "happily ever after" ever happen again??

           "Cinderella Meets The Avengers"
The classic story of Cinderella gets a MARVELous spin when Cinderella, desperate to go to the Prince Bob Charming's ball
                    uses a magic incantation in her spell book. . . and gets the surprise of her life! Thor shows up! Then Captain America is
                    called upon, but it seems that neither of these superheroes can help a fairy tale princess-to-be! So, what's a girl to do? Call
                    for The Black Widow, of course! Natasha Romanoff arrives to set things right...with hand grenades and razor-wire! Will
                    Cindy make it to the ball? Will she get a chance to meet Prince Charming? And what's up with Drusilla, her ugly step-sister
                    hitting on Thor?  Ewwww!!

               "The BRAVE Princess: Merida's Adventures"
                It's been six month months since Merida had that great adventure where she accidentally turned her mother into a bear!
                   Now she faces another great adventure with her parents setting her up to marry a crazy King from over the hill and at
                   the same time meeting up with a strange young man in the forest! And just when she thought she was going to have a normal
                   day for once! There's kidnapping, feats of archery, a crazy ol' witch, and a fight to the finish in this wacky sequel to the
                   terrific animated Scottish feature film!

                 "Sleeping Beauty 2: Maleficent's Revenge"
                    Prince Phillip destroyed evil Quen Malificent and rescued Princess Aurora from that tower like all the books say...but what
                    really happened after? Well, what the fairy tales didn't tell you is that Malificent wasn't destroyed! She got amnesia and
                    wandered the forest until Bob, her faithful henchmen, found her and restored her memory. Now, Malificent wants sweet
                    revenge! In this wild 'n' crazy tale, Prince Phillip must battle the evil Queen again, but without the help from the three
                    good fairies, Flora, Fauna, and what's-her-name, the third one.    

                  "The Snow Queen: A Frozen Adventure"
                     Anna and Kristof are best friends, but their friendship is put to the test when the Grand High Exhaulted Evil Scientist in the sky
                     rains down a flurry of evil mirror shards disguised as snowflakes! Bob the goon, the G.H.E.E.S.'s assistant, goes down to Earth to
                     stop it, but can't and Kristof is infected with evilness! This prompts Anna's sister, the Snow Queen, to come down from her
                     mountain castle and take Kristof away! Will Kristof be saved? Will Bob win his bet with his boss? And why's that giant snowman
                     petting a butterfly? Yes, it's all here! Madness, mayhem, and even an Adele Dazeem reference!

              "The Snow Queen 2: Trouble in Arendelle"

                     In a sequel to "The Snow Queen: A Frozen Adventure", looks like there's trouble back home in Arendelle with the unscrupulous
                     Duke of Weselton! Yes, he's up to his old tricks of trying to usurp the throne again, this time by selling exploding rubber chickens!
                     The fiend! Luckily, Kristof saves the day, but not before the Duke finds hidden in the Enchanted Forest, Ember, a naive and magical
                     girl that has FIRE power! The Duke tricks Ember into taking the throne away from Crystal and Anna, and now it's a race against time
                     to get the throne back by getting the Rock Troll King, Pabbie, to tell Ember the truth about who she REALLY is!!

              "Pinocchio 2: The Return of Stromboli"
                      Y'know, it's lonely being the single child of a toymaker, and Pinocchio is no exception. Every since he became a real boy, he's been
                      wanting a sister, so Ghepetto carves him out a brand new one! It's Pinocchia! The Blue Fairy gives this newest wooden puppet life,
                      but Stromboli, the wicked showman, kidnaps the girl and forces her to perform for his failing puppet show. Only.....she LIKES it!
                      Pinocchia becomes a runaway success and such a royal diva that it's up to Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket to save her from a life of
                      social media chaos and paparazzi! Or CAN they!?    

               "Rapunzel Meets Spider-Man"  
                       Intrepid reporter and Daily Bugle photographer, Peter Parker, has just been given a weird assignment by his boss: photograph a strange
                       long-haired girl locked away in a tall tower and ruled over by a crazy witch! But this girl, named Rapunzel, is problems of her own.
                       Some nutty Prince has come to rescue her and hasn't the first clue on how to do it, which is bad enough when her cantankerous mother,
                       the witch Grizzelda come back! Good thing Spider-Man shows up! Oops! But so does The Green Goblin, looking for some revenge!
                       Looks like ol' Spidey's gonna need some help on this one and calls a special DC friend with a sword and a golden lasso!

                  "Beauty & The Beast (and Bob)"   
                      You THINK you know the classic tale of Belle and the Beast, do you? Well, not told the Gypsies way! In this fractured retelling, Belle
                       is hounded by the narcissistic Gastron and his lovable sidekick, Laflu, until Belle's father goes to the inventor's convention (he just
                       invented the Iphone!). Thanks to the Narrator, who keeps things in check, the story takes us to the Beast's castle where we meet his
                       lively servants, Lumiere and Clocksworth. Oh, and did I mention the crazy antics inside the castle and the nutty battle between Gastron
                       and the Beast later on? Well, that happens, along with this "Bob" fellow who....well, I won't spoil it for you......