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   Set in the Dark Ages, this is the story of Nilithia, a little girl and her
   brother, Ezekiel,
who have lost
their home, their foster parents, and their
   town all in one terrible afternoon.

   The Paxx Hoard (a traveling, murderous caravan) lead by their leader,
   Zorn, have
pillaged their town of Quince and killed nearly everyone.
   The children's only hope is Allagem, a young man who'll become a full
   wizard one day...but until that day, he carrys with him a personal tragedy.
   After attempting to stop the Paxx Hoard and failing, he is left with the
   responsibility of caring for the two newly orphaned children.

   Fast-forward 20 years and Allagem has become a full wizard. He is bound
  and determined  to save the same town again from the returning Paxx
  Hoard. Nilithia and Ezekiel, Allagem's wards and all grown up, and are
                                                    preparing to help him save the town.

      Ezekiel is now a wizard-in-training under Allagem's tutelage, and Nilithia uses
      her extraordinary gift as a 'nempath' (a nature-empath)
to communicate with the
      trees, earth, and wind.

      What the trio don't know is that the Paxx Hoard has a surprise  for them!
Malachi!  Allagem's former wizard friend, protege, and nemesis has joined forces
      with Zorn and wants the fabled Tantarian Stone
that Nilithia has. Rumor has it
      that the Stone can give any wizard
indestructibility when held, and it is a prize
      worth killing over.

     As the battle of Quince commenses, Allagem is mortally wounded in a fight with
     Malachi, and lies dying in the local  tavern. 
In a desperate act of saving his life,
     Nilithia convinces  Ezekiel to
conjure a risky time-travel spell to reverse the events
     of the
day, but the pair unexplainably land 20 years in the past instead!

     What follows is a race against time itself and the meeting of their younger selves in the past! Will
     they distrupt the balance of things
to come? Will Allagem be saved in the future? How will Nilithia and Ezekiel
     get back to the present? And what about the Tantarian Stone?

    This is a rich, epic tale of adventure and magic coming full circle as wizards-in-training 'turn' into full wizards with
    astonishing and sometimes horrible results, ruthless warriors with single-minded destruction on their minds,
    children with extraodrinary abilities growing up to face themselves in the past, and huge creatures conjoured by
    evil spells on the attack!

       A motion picture screenplay written by noted playwright/actor Kimberly Demmary & playwright/actor Chris Carnicelli.
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