"January the 2nd"
Set in the late 1800's, this is tale of Elias
    January, a kindly old black storyteller that
    amuses the schoolchildren of Mountain
    View, Wyoming with stories.

    He spins tall tales and yarns that sound
    exactly like "Star Wars", "Spider-man",
    "Harry Potter", and more!

Ten-year-old David Miller and his schoolteacher
          mother, Natalie, are friends with Mr. January
          and never understand why he lives alone, tinkers
          out in his barn on his "project", and is fascinated
          by the mercury in thermometers.

           What they don't know is Elias January has a dark
           secret. He's not from Wyoming. He's not a farmer.
           And the "project" in his barn that he's working on
           is nothing less than a time machine!

           Everything changes one day when Elias' two nasty
           colleagues from his past (or is it present?) arrive
           to retrieve the machine and take Elias back home.

Time is running out for Elias, Natalie, and David
    as the colleagues stop at nothing to regain the machine!

    A family-themed story that has humor, suspense, drama,
    science-fiction and ...a happy ending, of course!

                                                                                 A new screenplay
                                          (based on the short story by Chris Carnicelli)
                                 adapted by noted playwright/actor Kimberly Demmary
                                                 & playwright/actor Chris Carnicelli. 
                   For any info or to contact the authors, click on: cfcarnicelli@yahoo.com