Charlie's Halloween Party


                                     10-year-old Charlie McPhee and his parents are having a Halloween party!
                   But, there's a problem! Charlie's parents have forgotten the chips and dip and
                   have to run to the store, leaving Charlie all alone.

                           With his parents gone, there's a knock at the door and Charlie greets the first

                   of the Halloween guests...only they're not exactly what he in mind!

                           Count Dracula! The Wolfman! Frankenstein's monster! And boy, are their

                   costumes GOOD! Only they're TOO good! Are these the friends from his father's

                   work and his relatives or are they...the REAL DEAL??

                                        In this picture book, illustrated by Anna Measures, "Charlie's Halloween Party"

                   combines wild and silly humor with the classic Universal Monsters rogue's gallery for a

                   wild short story especially written for children--and their parents who read it to them!

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