Frank Kincaid (or the Amazing Kincaid as he is
    known) is a third-rate birthday party magician who,
    for lack of a better word, sucks.

    After a dreadful day of lousing up another show,
    Frank decides to call it quits and give up his
    miserable act. His pet rabbit, Agamemnon, has no

    Frank's downstairs neighbor, 10-year-old Jimmy
    Torres, likes Frank and his act SO much that he
                                       shows Frank something he's never seen before...
     REAL MAGIC! Frank can't believe his eyes!
     A ten-year-old with the unique and awesome
     power of real magic! With Jimmy in the backround
     and Frank doing his "magic" act, the two are

     10 years later, and Frank adopting Jimmy as his
     son, the two turn the magic world upside-down
     with feats of prestigiditation unparalled in the
     magic world! Life is good.....

     Until one day when Jimmy decides he wants out the magic world
     and lead a normal life.  His deception, anger, and finding true love in the
beautiful assistant leads all into a cataclysmic ending!

                   Screenplay by Chris Carnicelli, based on his short story from the childrens' book,
                                    "Something's in the Forest!  and other tales"